Wed 16th Apr 14 - 11:21

Figures published today show that unemployment in Wales fell by 6,000 in the 3 months to February 2014. Liberal Democrats in the UK Government are building a stronger economy and today we can see what that means for people in Wales. The Liberal Democrats' overarching goal when forming the Coalition Government was to get our economy back on track. These figures are further proof that the measures taken by the Coalition Government are working. While the fall in unemployment is promising, there can be no room for complacency. There is a still a long way to go as many people ...

Wed 16th Apr 14 - 10:30


Wed 16th Apr 14 - 05:32

An apparent show of unity at the recent Welsh Conservative conference centred around leader, Andrew R.T. Davies' call for a 'coalition of ideas' to end Labour's rule of Wales, may not have been a sign that things were moving on within the Welsh Conservative group after all. A column in today's South Wales Argus by leadership rival, Nick Ramsey shows that wounds are still raw as the Monmouthshire AM takes a side swipe at his group leader: It seems the political silly season has started earlier than usual this year with the re-emergence of old calls to rebrand the Assembly ...

Tue 15th Apr 14 - 13:50

Last weekend I proposed a motion to the Welsh Liberal Democrats' 2014 Spring Conference on mental health provision in Wales, with a focus on national provision and community provisions, waiting times and quality, the transition from adolescent to adult services, care in the workplace and in educational institutions, and care for prisoners. We were so pleased [...]

Tue 15th Apr 14 - 13:45

As the Inside Out blog suggests it is certainly starting to get nasty out there, with recriminations flying around the Conservative party over the failed prosecution of an innocent Nigel Evans, unbelieveable and unsustainable mud being thrown at Nick Clegg over Cyril Smith and of course the latest alleged expenses scandal, this time featuring Nigel Farage. So, in the interest of a bit of light relief here is the latest episode of 'have I Got News for You' in which the UKIP leader bit off more than he can chew:

Tue 15th Apr 14 - 12:53

There is an obituary for Joan Davies by her son in today's Guardian: Joan stood as a Liberal in South Wales for the European Parliament in the 1980s.