Fri 22nd Aug 14 - 16:29

BBC reports that the West Midlands Police & Crime Commissioner by-election has been won by Labour's David Jamieson on a 10.4% turnout:

Fri 22nd Aug 14 - 09:16

The Telegraph carries a very entertaining article about what MPs get up to during recess, which for the most part also applies to Assembly Members. As a regional member I have always held surgeries and like many MPs take advantage of recesses not just to continue that tradition but also to engage with constituents in different ways as well. The paper says that according to one study a third of MPs spend up to half their time solving problems on behalf of their constituents, but for another third it's more like three quarters. Many receive 200 new cases receive each ...

Fri 22nd Aug 14 - 05:55

This year's GCSE results once again show that students and teachers are working hard to achieve high quality grades in Wales. I congratulate everyone on their efforts. The new standards of marking are more rigorous and more is expected of GCSE candidates if they want to achieve the best results. However, with increased focus on standards of numeracy and literacy in examinations it is vital no young people are put at a disadvantage in a more robust system. As today's results show, comparable outcomes with last year have largely been achieved. Given the unseemly events surrounding English Language GCSE grades ...

Thu 21st Aug 14 - 12:05

I posted last year about Lewis Fry Richardson, the Quaker mathematician and scientist whose development of Bjerknes's work on weather-forecasting was ahead of its time. It needed the advances in computer technology which occurred after his death to put his techniques into practice. It appears from this recent article that his final work, on predicting conflict, is also going to yield to state-of-the-art IT.

Thu 21st Aug 14 - 11:15

As the Assembly Commissioner responsible for the Parliamentary estate and sustainability I am delighted at the progress that we have been able to make in this area. As this article points out the National Assembly for Wales is set to meet tough targets to reduce its energy emissions by 40 per cent by 2015. The latest figures, published in the Assembly's Annual Report, reveal that the Assembly has achieved a 34 per cent reduction in energy emissions since the base year 2008/09. During the same period the Assembly has also achieved a 29 per cent reduction in net greenhouse gas ...