Thu 23rd Oct 14 - 05:15

Today I have called for an independent review into the relationship between Natural Resources Wales and the Welsh Government, following reports showing that a Government official tried to exert influence over NRW. Emails revealed by the Wales Report programme clearly show a senior Welsh Government official attempting to influence NRW's response to an on-shore wind application which was in receipt of public funds through the Ynni'r Fro programme. Given that the project in question was connected to the Ynni'r Fro programme, I am writing to the Wales Audit Office calling on them to investigate how widespread the practice is of ...

Wed 22nd Oct 14 - 15:12

Confirmation of the post about global temperatures: Another cause of the missing income tax referred to in this post, and something I should have remembered from the days when I was in that situation: self-employed tax and company tax returns are made in arrears, and a high proportion of the new employment which has been created since 2010 has been in this sector. We may be looking at January before we see the expected boost in exchequer income - too late for the chancellor's "autumn" statement in December.

Wed 22nd Oct 14 - 11:29

The South Wales Guardian reports that the Carmarthenshire archive has been closed to the public because mould has been discovered in their store. I recall that the Guardian's own archive in Ammanford used to be an unordered pile of back issues in a corner of an upstairs room in the main library; Swansea and Neath have, in spite of financial stringency, maintained a high-grade service to the public and professionals.

Wed 22nd Oct 14 - 08:33

As a Welsh politician I am the last person to defend Labour's management of the health service this side of the border. Hard-working and dedicated staff are being put under pressure by the under-resourcing of key services, waiting time targets are being missed and major services such as the Wales Ambulance Service Trust are under-performing. There is a clear case for an independent and over-arching inquiry into the way the Welsh NHS is being run. You only have to read the articles on Freedom Central here to get a picture of everything that is wrong and needs fixing with the ...

Wed 22nd Oct 14 - 05:49

The Welsh Government's consultation on the M4 has been widely criticised for failing to look at other options and for not properly taking into account environmental concerns. This week in the National Assembly, AMs will debate the Environment Committee's report into the M4 the contents of which the Welsh Government failed to take into account before making its decision on the M4. Labour's M4 plans are based on a 'false premise' due to the fact they do not take into account the effect the proposed South Wales Metro would have in reducing the number of drivers. The Welsh Liberal Democrats ...